Vintage style is not only fashion-forward, but it is eco-friendly as well. Reusing vintage pieces has always been respectable, but it is gaining even more traction these days as more and more celebrities are spotted mixing and matching their modern looks with vintage pieces.


Julia Roberts in vintage Valentino (

Julia Roberts in vintage Valentino (

Among the many celebrities who are known for their vintage style, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, and Kate Moss are a few of our favorites. They use their eye for fashion to pick perfect pieces to add character to their modern clothing and accessories.


Julia Roberts won Best Dressed actress in 2001 when she wore a vintage Valentino black and white gown to the Oscars.



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So how can you add vintage pieces into your wardrobe without looking like your great grandmother? We have gathered a few of our favorite tips on how to shop vintage below:


1. Look for classic cuts. Some things never go out of style, so why spend hundreds when you can buy a quality version at your local vintage store? Shareen Mitchell of Shareen Vintage tells Cosmopolitan, “there’s no reason to spend a lot of money on a blazer or jacket, like a navy boy blazer that you can wear with a skinny jean or pencil skirt.” She also recommends that anyone new to vintage wear begin by shopping for clothes from the late 1970s. She says “the waist that came out during that time works on everyone because it’s elastic, and the rest of the cut includes a V-neck, cap sleeve, and A-line skirt. It’s essentially a fit-and-flare and looks cute/sexy on everyone.”


Rihanna in Vintage Chanel (

Rihanna in Vintage Chanel (

2. Buy quality. According to, one of the most important things to look for is quality. Since the fabrics are a few years old, you want to be sure they are sturdy and in decent shape.

“Condition is of supreme importance. Look for textiles that still have strength and integrity and garments that are in good repair, without any difficult or iffy mending to be done. Look for clean clothing that smells good and isn’t heavily worn.”



3. Try it on. Because of the materials used, it is important that the pieces fit you well. You don’t want the fit to be too snug because it may strain the older textiles. It is important to note that vintage sizing differs from modern day sizing, so especially if you are buying online, pay close attention to the measurements.


4. Search for good labels. Although many vintage clothes aren’t labeled there are some older designer pieces out there that are not only in great condition but have stellar craftsmanship. These pieces are worth the extra price.


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