There’s no denying the fact that the footwear line of Kanye West’s Adidas YEEZY collection has ruled the sneaker world for the past year and a half. The many iterations of the Yeezy Boost offered sleeker, lower profile silhouettes than West’s other signature sneakers did and influenced street style on a large scale. Though it was the second sneaker in the line to be released, the Yeezy Boost 350 is the best example of the project’s influence. Easily the most popular shoe in the line, the low-top runner seems to be on everyone’s feet. That popularity is due in part to versatile design — the four publicly available colorways are all neutrally colored with little, if any, visible patterning. The silhouette is allowed to speak for itself and the result is a subtle, yet luxurious and eye-catching product.




The long-awaited successor to the Boost 350, the V2, released late last month, and while the release effortlessly garnered massive amounts of hype, many were disappointed. The silhouette of the V2 itself is admirable and develops on the original in a few interesting ways. The heel of the upper tapers from the sole to the collar and gives the entire sneaker a forward-canting and aggressive look. Horizontal stripes on the upper add a bit of contrast. The problem is that the first colorway, dubbed the “Beluga,” is the first sneaker in the 350 line to incorporate a bright, standout accent, with a loud solar Solar Red stripe running along the outside of each shoe from heel to toebox.


Some fans purchased the shoe regardless, but many decided to hold tight for a more accessible colorway to release. West did not make them wait long, and pictures of an all-grey Yeezy Boost 350 V2 have surfaced on Instagram. Although the pictures do not come from an official source, they are high-quality and the popular Instagram personality who posted it is relatively active and well-known in the sneaker scene. Additionally, it would make little sense for Adidas not to release an early achromatic colorway since its target consumers are so dedicated to its product. Sending a sample to a third party without giving an official statement is likely an attempt to generate interest. The pictures have already been up for a few days, so news from the company should be coming soon.


The second season of the Boost 350 is in no means off to a rocky start, but it is clear that West is looking to experiment with his flagship product in ways that he couldn’t before it was an established name. This is 2016, though, and the Yeezy Boost 350 is already on top. Given Kanye’s personality, it is safe to say that more interesting twists will be added to the sneaker than a simple red stripe this season.


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