Fashion envy is something we are all guilty of. That girl walking down the street, someone we see on the bus, our co-worker at school, or our favorite celebrity. No matter who it is, some people just have great style that we are dying to steal. Of course, sometimes it takes a lot of confidence to ask where a stranger found their pristine duds, and even when you do, it may be out of your budget.


Finally, there is a solution. Kate Bosworth knows all about fashion envy, which is why she released her Style Thief app on the iTunes store early this summer on July 15. The app, which was a collaboration with American Rag’s co-owner, Samantha Russ, is one of the latest celebrity applications to hit the market. With Style Thief,  Bosworth joins celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari who also recently launched applications. Kardashian’s is a mobile game called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” and Cavallari’s is a blog style app called “Kristin Cavallari” where she shares tips and tricks from her life.




Kate Bosworth’s application, Style Thief, allows users to do just that: steal styles. The iTunes description announces that “with Style Thief you can easily search for, find and buy any fashion apparel you see on the street, TV, internet or anywhere else!” Style Thief helps users find clothing to create looks they like that they see on other people. With just one picture, the application’s photo recognition technology helps users find similar products and where to buy them.


Although the thought of sneakily taking a picture of someone sitting in front of us on the bus does seem like the behavior of a stalker, we love the idea of a quick and easy solution to finding the latest must-have trend.


Bosworth tells InStyle that she even uses the app herself. “I used Style Thief to find the dress I’m wearing. I saw it online somewhere, took a screenshot, and sent it to the app … This is what I love about the app! You can take a screenshot of a jacket on the cover of a magazine, and if it’s not available yet, you can still be on trend and find something similar.”


The app is available for free on iTunes.


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