Girly/retro can be a tough style to pull off — for both designers and for the fans adorning them. With American culture feeling retro glam all over, it’s time that every American designer follow suit. That is why lifestyle brand Kate Spade decided to get in on the action. Recently announcing plans to expand with a swimwear line, consumers will be stockpiling for summer 2015 by the time November rolls around. That’s when the line will be available in stores and bow-clad style mavens will flock in droves to pick up their suits.


The flouncy, idiom-spouting company announced earlier this month that “Deborah Lloyd, along with licensee Swimwear Anywhere, had conceived an inaugural Kate Spade swimwear collection of about 70 pieces.” Consumers don’t have much more than that to work with, but come November, there’s sure to be a line around the city block, not so much waiting on Magnolia Cupcakes as for a sassy summer bandeau.


President and Creative Director Deborah Lloyd did have this to say concerning the collection:

“It’s retro reimagined, classic with a twist, and pays homage to our heritage whether with a classic black and white stripe, a graphic dot or an artisanal print.”


Sounds close to home for the already expansive lifestyle brand, but will consumers go for that much girly, retro glam? That style is “in” now, but will it be in November, or in a year, really? That’s up to the swimwear gods. Recalling, though, how many Southern belle college students outfitted themselves in the designer label alone, it makes more sense to this MUIPR writer to begin buying stocks of Spade’s.


What do you think Kate Spade’s swimwear line will look like? It’s already been established that there will be bows, but what will she do next? Polka dots, definitely. Gold charms, for sure. It’s sugar, spice, and everything nice. Don’t forget her hefty price tag, either. That’s classic Kate Spade tongue-in-cheek for you.


What do you think of American designer Kate Spade opting to produce swimwear? Do you think her pieces will be high quality and as glamorous as everything else she makes? Would you splurge on buying her suits? Let me know what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro