Nostalgia seems to be a trend this season. Earlier this month, Vans released a collaboration with Pixar’s “Toy Story.” Streetwear savant and KITH founder Ronnie Fieg used the same tactic a few weeks back when he dropped a lookbook for his upcoming collection featuring beloved cereal mascot Cap’n Crunch. Never satisfied and always prolific, Fieg was back at it again last week with a rapid follow-up. The subject this time? “Power Rangers.”


The franchise has had dozens of series, movies, reboots, and spin-offs since it first hit American television screens in 1993, and the next installment will be a feature film scheduled for release in 2017. In celebration, Fieg has partnered with the franchise to release an apparel and accessory collection inspired by the first series, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” That means that while the release anticipates a modern, sleek interpretation of the Rangers, this collection’s aesthetic is pure 1990s.


Front and center are the hoodies, which come in red, black, and pink. KITH’s logo appears under the collar, but the main attraction is the line of five helmets, one in each of the five signature ranger colors, stitched down each sleeve. The crewneck sweaters can be purchased in blue, yellow, and pink, and take a different and more playful approach, a large KITH logo emblazoned on the chest and the iconic three-dimensional shaded lightning bolt splitting straight down the center.




The bright colors and loud designs are a refreshing throwback, which is perfect for the crowd that Fieg is trying to appeal to with this collection. While any young Rangers fan would be excited by these tops, the overall design and connotation really reaches out to a slightly older audience, one that grew up on the older installments in the franchise. That is reflected in the collection’s lookbook, in which Hailey Baldwin models the hoodies, tees, and crewnecks with a modern, gritty flair. The outfits are styled with a mixture of oversized fits and cropped ones, topping off the looks with raw hems, stonewashed denim, and Vans Old Skool sneakers.


That styling is really where Fieg’s expertise comes through in this collection—he has translated that nostalgic imagery into the language of modern streetwear, and the results are impressive, to say the least.


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