If you are in the mood for a hilarious and witty read, Lady Pockets is the blog for you. Since coming across this blog just a few weeks ago, it has quickly become one of our favorites — a guilty pleasure we cannot get enough of!




Lady Pockets is not only smart, but it is both sassy and refreshingly genuine, as well. Magazines tend to reduce celebrities and their bodies into talking points, instead of focusing on the individual’s actual accomplishments. Lady Pockets exploits this idea in the satirical blog by portraying some of the most influential women of our time in a hugely superficial way.



Written by Katherine Fritz, the blog breaks down the daily outfits of leading ladies like Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinem, giving readers a play by play of how to recreate their looks.


One of our favorite aspects of the blog is that it is written in a voice everyone can enjoy, whether your niche is fashion or politics. The author also uses Lady Pockets as a space to applaud the accomplishments of the women she spotlights, giving them the respect they deserve for their strong political voices, even while she looks at their clothing choices.




Her latest post, “Get The Look: Mary Beard,” had us laughing for hours. Lady Pockets gives us the insider information on how to recreate this University of Cambridge professor’s look, from the hair products, all the way down to the watch. “Her outspoken public opinions have provoked Twitter abuse and bomb threats,” Lady Pockets begins, “we’d like to go on the record and say that we think she’s just the bomb.”


The blog continues by explaining to readers how to dress in Beard’s “classic, time-tested” look. Her fashion advice is a perfect replica of real fashion magazines, just with a satirical twist.


We cannot get enough of Fritz’s genuine writing style, and we eagerly await her upcoming posts. Lady Pockets may be an amusing humorous take on fashion, but we are very serious about our love for the blog.


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