The perfect nude pump is a fashion staple thanks to its effortlessly chic and flattering look. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the items that has always been the hardest to perfect in most women’s closets, as nude has remained more or less synonymous with a distinct color: beige.


We love a nice beige pump as much as the next person, but the problem here is that the whole idea behind the timeless nude trend is a focus on pieces that blend with the natural skin tone of the individual wearing them. Needless to say, beige is not a universal skin tone.


Louboutin showcased his New Nudes Collection with help from Shiona Turini (above), Jane Keltner de Valle, and Nina Garcia (

Louboutin showcased his New Nudes Collection with help from Shiona Turini (above), Jane Keltner de Valle, and Nina Garcia (

Thankfully, the fashion dilemma is getting some much deserved attention from none other than iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who has created a collection of nudes that can more closely match women’s skin tones on a broad scale.


The New Nudes Collection currently contains a range of five different shades, including tones like “rich chestnut” and “fair blush.” While this range alone goes beyond what many of us have come to expect from any “nudes” collection, the designer has acknowledged that there is still far more work to be done before the collection can be considered complete. According to Louboutin, the immediate goal is to add two additional mid-range tones in the next year for a total of seven options.


In launching this collection, Louboutin has gone further than any shoe designer before him regarding his attention to versatility. He has shown a conscientious consideration for the diversity of the women for whom he is designing, exhibiting an attention to audience that is critical for any brand.


Ultimately, though, this is a move that does so much more than reflect positively on the Louboutin brand as a brand that seeks to embrace beauty and fashion in all its forms and shades. It fundamentally redefines an entire fashion statement, capturing the true essence of the “nudes” trend; an essence that seems to have been lost until now.


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