Runway season has officially begun. As with fashion seasons past, designers and makeup artists are recognizing the public desire to see something fresh. Once again, they are seeking ways to push the envelope and give their audiences what they crave. It’s a task that only gets harder each season, as past runway shows consistently set the bar higher with every passing year. As such, it’s especially impressive when a show manages to go somewhere entirely new, to shock or amaze us.


This year, it hasn’t taken long for designers to make some seriously memorable fashion statements at fashion weeks around the world, both figuratively and literally. Take a look at some of the biggest runway statements that have kicked off 2015 fashion season.

Rick Owens’ display of male nudity at Paris Fashion Week

Nudity is hardly unheard of on the catwalk, but that didn’t stop spectators from getting a shock out of Rick Owens’ unique flesh-flashing fashions. For his menswear show at Paris Fashion Week, Owens caused quite the commotion when he sent several of his male models down the runway with peepholes in the front of their clothing that exposed glimpses of full-on frontal male nudity. Commonly known for breaking conventions, Owens has not only made his show memorable by taking runway exposure to a whole new level, but has also set the stage for an interesting conversation on societal acceptance of, and comfort with, female nudity versus male nudity.

Maybelline’s statement of empowerment at Berlin Fashion Week

At Berlin Fashion Week, Maybelline made a literal fashion statement: words printed on the runway models. It’s not the first time a technique like this has been utilized; it was the specific words on the models that made the statement a significant one. Maybelline models hit the runway at Berlin Fashion Week sporting words like “strong,” “brave,” and “fearless,” across their bodies, sending a message of empowerment. It is a statement that can inspire any woman, but that is particularly noteworthy for models themselves, who many times are seen by the public as nothing more than human mannequins for the latest fashions. By adorning them with powerful descriptors, Maybelline has forced audiences to recognize the remarkable women on the runways, not just the clothes.

Walter Van Beirendonck’s anti-censorship message at Paris Fashion Week

Since the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris earlier this month, a major public conversation has arisen around the topics of free speech and censorship. Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck decided to take this conversation to the runway, making a clear anti-censorship statement with his menswear collection, “Explicit Beauty.” For starters, there was Beirendonck’s clear plastic tank top featuring the phrase, “Stop Terrorising Our World,” in response to the Hebdo shooting. Beyond that, Beirendonck’s show was riddled with brightly colored butt plugs and eagle accessories, which the designer used to pay homage to a sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy that had met controversy for its resemblance to a sex toy before it was destroyed by vandals. In light of such blatant attacks on free speech, Beirendonck felt that current events demanded action, which he has taken by using his fashions to speak out against censorship.


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