Spoons are not just for eating (or checking yourself out while at a restaurant). They hold a lot of potential for some quick natural beauty hacks that could same you time and money!


Using these three simple hacks, you will see spoons in a whole new light!


1. Eliminate Under Eye Puffiness: This method is simple: keep a spoon in your freezer and when you wake up, press the cold spoon against your under eye area for about 30 seconds and then repeat on the other eye. This is not the most pleasant feeling, admittedly, but this method easily replaces expensive and unnecessary eye creams, saving you plenty of money!


2. Reduce Swelling of a Pimple: Before getting started, apply a little bit of witch hazel onto the pimple. You can get some easy-to-use witch hazel pads for cheap on Amazon. These are a great investment because they are also perfect for wiping away excess oil during workouts, festivals, or anywhere else!


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Take a spoon from the freezer and press down on the pimple to reduce swelling. Or, if you’re dealing with a whitehead: Run a spoon under hot water for one minute and press the spoon against your blemish. The heat helps to draw the pus inside the pimple up, making it easier to remove.


3. Prevent Mascara from Getting on Your Lids: This is perhaps the easiest hack: simply hold the spoon above your lashes while you are applying your mascara. Any of the excess mascara will get on the spoon instead of your lids!


Cat Eye Liner (pinterest.com)

4. Get the Perfect Cat-Eye Swipe: This method ensures that you will get clean lines and a perfect point on your eye. It can even help you apply it evenly on both lids!


Line up the handle of your spoon with the line of your bottom lid. Draw a line. Next, line up the spoon with the top lid. Make sure you can see the bottom line, and then draw another line. Simply fill in the two lines, and you have the perfect cat eye!


5. Push Back Your Cuticles Easily: Run your hands under warm water for about 30 seconds. Pat dry. Next, without applying too much pressure, use the tip of a spoon to gently push back your cuticles. This is super simple and easy to get your nails ready for some polish!


What do you think of these beauty hacks? Do you swear by any of these? What else could you use a spoon for? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!