There are few nail trends that all of us can master even though we might not be not as perfect as the manicurists at those amazing spas. These fun nail designs are also great to experiment with and, they can be used to create so many different looks, you cannot go wrong!


Below is a shortlist of pretty nail polish designs to start wearing right away.


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This incredibly design is easy to try. All you have to do is buy a few round stickers, particularly ones that you generally use as binder stickers for repairing hole punch tears.


Start by paining your entire nail with one color (the color you want to be peeking out at the bottom of your nail). Once your nails are dry, apply the sticker to the bottom of the nail, and paint the top part of your nail with another color. Remove the sticker carefully, as it might mess up the new coat of nail polish if done incorrectly.


Try doing this with two different shades of nude: it is subtle but adorable, and will go with everything! Otherwise, have fun mixing and matching all the different colors you already have!



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Another incredibly easy nail art technique is the gradient.  All you need is at least 2 shades of similar colors, up to 4, and a make up sponge.


Simply take your nail polish, and paint from the darkest color at one end of the sponge, to the lightest color on the other end. To do this, take the nail polish brush and brush it over the sponge, allowing for the nail polish to soak into the sponge.



Also, make sure that the colors are really close together, as this is what allows for the blend in the colors.  Try not to soak it too much, or it just gets gooey, messy, and does not look very clean.


Start with dry nails that have been painted white, as this adds beautiful intensity to the color. Then, when you are ready, just keep dabbing the make up sponge in one place on your nail until the desired intensity is reached.


Do not move the sponge around too much, or you will loose the gradient. Let it dry and then you are done!


This is definitely a technique that can be tweaked to create a lot of different looks, so experiment with the different shades, colors, gradients, base coat, or top coat. Get daring try it with glitter nail polish! Whatever you can think of, try it. Experiment. This is a really fun technique to play around with!


What do you think of these nail trends? Which one will you try? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!