It is always a good idea to wear a little color on your lids during the Spring season. However, shades of eye shadow can be tricky; they can look absolutely stunning on the palette, but then you may look like a tacky rag doll after trying them on. Knowing what colors go with your eye color is a perfect way to jump-start your spring!


Below are a few tips on how to match your eye color with the right eyeshadow this Spring.



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1. Brown eyes: A color that is particularly hot right now for brown eyes: cobalt blue. The darker the shade, the more flattering it is on all skin types and eye colors, and it will especially go well with brown eyes. Allure makeup artist Emily Warren says, “brown is a mix of all the primary colors, so there are a lot of options.”


Another perfect eye shadow color for dark eyes? Gold. Not only does gold have a slight tanning effect, it is beautiful with any outfit you put together. Specifically for brown eyes, though, try going for a greenish gold or a great deep copper color.



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2. Green eyes: The easiest eyeshadow color for green eyes is literally any shade of purple. You can go lighter or pastel purple, all the way to a deep eggplant purple. These  shades will really contrast beautifully with your eyes and make them pop.


Particularly for spring, though, try a pastel purple. Use this as the base color for your eyelid, and then wisp on some eggplant purple onto the corners to create beautiful depth. You can also try a smokey silver in the corners to add some glamour to your look.



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3. Hazel eyes: To really make hazel eyes pop, try to stick with colors you will find in nature: a great array of browns, warm or deep greens, and bright yellow gold.


If you are in a rush, try taking a bright golden eye shadow and dabbing your finger in water, then using the eye shadow as a highlighter on the corner of your eye (try both corners, see which you like more!).




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4. Blue eyes: Against popular belief, blue eyeshadow with blue eyes will not do much to make your eyes pop. You will need a shade that really contrasts with your eye color to bring them to the forefront. However, the lighter your eyes are, the lighter you want your shadow to be.


If you have very light blue eyes, try the perfect neutral eye shadow as your base and add a little pop of either purple or a dark pink in the corner of your eye. A color that is perfect for any shade of blue eyes is a rust-colored bronze.  This will give you incredible depth without the harshness of the darker colors. It is also very natural-looking and perfect when you want to give off a sun-kissed vibe.


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