Sometimes, our beauty routine can get into a rut. It’s a good idea to spice up your make-up every season with new colors, new eyeliner techniques, and maybe a new hairdo you try every once in a while. Try these tips and tricks to update or perfect your style, and watch heads turn!


1. Eyeliner tips and tricks: The cat-eye will never go out of style, but a lot of people don’t know that there are a few different ways to execute the look. Try them all out and see which ones you prefer!


The long, thin line is perhaps the most universally flattering. When you are making your wing, make sure that it curves up toward the end of your brow. Make sure that the end of the wing closest to your eye is, however, a little thicker than the tip.



Smokey Eye brush (Allure)

The bold, thick line is a favorite for a dark, sultry look. It’s perfect for a night out on the town or when you’re going for a darker look. This requires eyeliner (black or dark brown), eyeshadow to match your eyeliner color, and a special brush in order to get the perfect look. You’ll need a smokey eye brush that is round (not flat), short, and stiff (see picture to left). This is perfect for smokey eye as well is applying dark eyeshadow to compliment eyeliner. Once you have all your tools, apply your eyeliner on the top lip in a thick, bold line, with a small winged tip that reached more to towards your ear than your brow. Once you’ve done that, take your eyeshadow and your brush and cover your lid in the color, trying to blend from bottom to top. Make a thin line of eyeliner in your waterline on your bottom lid and you’re done! This eyeliner trick works best with darker eyes, as it is a very bold look.


The last eyeliner trick that can completely change your look? Try only applying eyeliner to your top lid with some brightening eyeshadow (such as gold or a bronze). This is a very youthful look that is perfect for the days you’re worrying about ruining your make up (as it’s usually your mascara and bottom line of eyeliner that smudge).


2. How to use a sock bun: Sock buns are extremely popular, and yet none of them ever seem to come with directions! First off, lets talk about the size to get based on your hair type. The thicker and longer your hair, the bigger it should be. The thinner and shorter your hair, the smaller it should be. And as a side note, if you have curly hair, you straighten it before you get started as it will look more uniform and sleek.


How-to Bun Tutorial (Pretty Buns Boutique)

Once you have your sock bun, the only other things you’ll need are two hair ties and a few bobby pins (try to get bobby pins that match your hair color as much as possible). Step 1 is very simple: put your hair into a ponytail wherever you want your bun to be. So either place it on top of your head, at the nap of your neck, or somewhere in between. Step 2, put the stock bun around the base of your pony tail. Step 3, place your hair around the sock bun until it completely covers it. This takes a little practice, as you usually have to lean over to get gravity to help. Once you think it’s perfect, Step 4, take your second hair tie and stretch it over your hair and sock bun. It should look like a perfect sock bun but with flares of your hair coming out at the sides. Step 5, take those loose ends and twirl them around the base of your bun and tuck them under. As you go along, bobby pin the strands into place.


3. For bigger, brighter eyes: Contrary to popular belief, black eyeliner by itself does not make your eyes appear bigger. While it certainly defines your eyes and demands attention, they end up appearing smaller. When Lady Gaga came out with her “Bad Romance” video, people all over YouTube scrambled to show you how to get baby-doll anime eyes like she had in one scene. Well, that extreme might not be your ideal, but the idea is very similar. If you take a white eyeliner pencil and draw a small line of white on your waterline, you will instantly give your eyes a bigger look.


Another trick for bigger eyes? Mascara mascara mascara! Don’t lump on so much that they look like spiderwebs, but definitely put lots of coats to give them more volume at the base which makes your eyes really pop! Also, when applying your mascara, make sure to wiggle it at the base to make sure you’re really combing your mascara brush through your eyelashes.


What do you think of these beauty tips and tricks? Will you be trying them? Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!