The first time colored eyeliner hit the scene, there were very few examples of how to wear it. It took a long time before the trend caught up to Hollywood, and we finally saw some glorious celebrities swipe on a splash of color, instead of the usual brown or black eyeliner.


Colored eyeliner is a great way to add color to your style without all the fuss of a new shirt or skirt. It can completely change your black business-causual dress to an eye-catching I-can’t-quite-tell-what’s-different look.


How do we, mere mortals, apply this eyeliner hype to our beauty routine? Well, there are four techniques to try, and then just try each one with different colors to see which one you like most. It can really bring an outfit together.


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The under-eye: This is going to be the most obvious and easiest to notice colored eyeliner technique. Simply replace your usual black or brown eyeliner, and apply along the lash on your lower lid. It is a good rule to keep the brighter colors in a smaller line, as it will give a hint of subtle color. However, the darker the shade, the more you can lather it on and spread it around.



The water liner: This is perfect for the lower or upper lid, but it looks amazing on the lower lid. Take a super bright color, think neon, and apply it to the water line on your lower lid. You can even add some black eyeliner on your lash line or extra mascara on your lower lid to complete the look!


Over your liner: This technique is great for when you are looking to update your look, not change it. Simply apply your eyeliner as you usually would. Now, take your colored eyeliner, and apply it on top of your top eyeliner. This is perfect for the particularly saturated colors, like bright forest green or hot pink, as the off-setting black really make the color pop. If you want to try it with a darker shade, go for it! Remember, the darker your colored liner is, the harder it will be able to notice it next to black eyeliner.


The wispy corner line: This one will be perfect for those ladies already dabbling in the cat-eye liner. Apply your usual black eyeliner, but leave out the wing. Use your colored eyeliner to apply the wing, and take your finger or a cue tip and blend the colors together to give it an ombré look. If it gets a little smudged, simply take a make up remover and remove excess liner. Be sure to do this before you apply eyeshadow, as you might end up having to wipe it away if you mess up. You can also try doing this but from your lower lid!


What do you think of these techniques? Which do you want to try? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me a picture of your colored eyeliner @kateeb790!