For some of us mere mortals, it is hard to wake up in time to look perfect everyday. When the snooze button becomes more important than firing up your hair straightener, you will need some easy short cuts to get a pulled-together look without taking too much time or effort. For all those snoozers out there, here are your shortcuts. Fashionistas, check out the elegant side braid for something very fresh!



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The side braid: This style has become popular through celebrities like Taylor Swift, the perfect side braid wearer. It is casual, chic, and crazy easy. For some people, you might find that you will need to put your hair in a side ponytail, then braid it, and tie it off. This will keep it secure and it will not unravel throughout your day.


For others, though, jumping straight into braiding works fine as well. Just make sure to spritz a little dry shampoo on the very top of your hair to give it that matte Taylor Swift style. If your hair is extra crazy, try adding a hat as well!






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The messy bun: This one is extremely popular, but there might be a few of you that are not sure how to pull it off. This look is perfect for people with smaller foreheads, finer hair, and circle-shaped faces. Simply gather your hair at the top of your head. Start to create a ponytail, but only pull your hair half-way through. Take your hand, scoop up the rest of your hair, and secure it with another wrap of your elastic band.


If you do, however, have thicker hair, and a larger forehead, this can still look perfect with a few extra steps. Before you start with the bun, make sure to leave a few pieces out to frame your face. Once you have put your hair up, then curl those pieces or simply leave them as is. Also, you can add hairbands, bobby pins, clips, or anything you like to spice up your messy bun!




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The elegant side bun: The first two hairstyles might not come as much surprise to those fashionistas out there.  Here is another fairly easy style from Negin Mirsalehi. It works perfectly with fine, smooth hair.


If you have thicker or curly hair, try straightening your hair and adding your favorite serum to get better results. Start by pulling your hair to one side of your face and securing it with an elastic. Just above your elastic tie, use your thumb and index finger to separate your hair from the back and pull your ponytail through the separation. Do this again. With your thumb and index finger, pull your ponytail into the separation. Secure the rest of the ponytail on the back of your hair with bobby pins. If you are itching for more volume, carefully pull the ends of your hair.




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