The chic style and aesthetic of Paris has been romanticized for years in movies, novels, even history books and idolized on the runway. At first, we thought maybe the “magic” of Paris was being oversold; how could there be some amazing place where everyone is beautiful and well dressed and graceful? We did not believe that such a place existed. However, after your worldly and traveled MUIPR fashion reporter spent some time in Paris, she is now a believer in the folkloric tales of the romance and charm of Paris and its infamously effortless chic style.


Here are a few simple steps to help you recreate Parisian fashion that you have heard so much about — and believe it or not, it is easier than you think!


1. Comfortable shoes. Paris is a beautiful city, and the great thing about it is that nearly everything is within reach on foot. This means that everyone wears comfortable walking shoes at all times. Pull out your most comfortable flats. If you want to wear heels, opt for a lower more manageable kitten heel — a style that is making a comeback.


2. Minimal makeup. The Parisian style capitalizes on simplicity and subtle beauty. When it comes to makeup in Paris, less is definitely more. Just a dab of foundation, mascara, and lip balm. This is a good practice to adopt into your own style; a more natural look allows your natural beauty to shine through the absent layers of makeup.


3. Feminine and flowing fabrics. Although Paris has a reputation for being a very romantic and liberal place, the dress there is, in fact, very modest. You will never see the women there showing much skin; even the evening wear is relatively covered up, and at least one aspect of every outfit is usually comfortably loose and flowing. Keep the hemlines long and loose or wear a comfortable top with jeans in lieu of something body-hugging. It is OK to show your curves — we do not suggest you wear your brother’s baggy t-shirts — but rather a comfortable and feminine fit. The key to Parisian style is comfort without sacrificing style.


4. Messed Hair. This can be a hard look to achieve; you do not want to roll out of bed and walk around Paris with a bed-head, but you also do not want to look like you spent hours meticulously curling and/or straightening your hair to perfection. Try a low messy bun or even a messy braid and allow some pieces to fall out. Attempt to find that happy medium in between styled and the untouched natural look.


5. Muted Colors. Like in New York, it is rare to see loud colors except on street signs and food carts. Opt for a more subtle look with soft versions of your favorite colors; maybe a nice champagne pink or the lightest of yellows. Although, you do not have to wear feminine and flirty colors; don’t shy away from dark colors if you’re feeling it. If you want to go for that pop of color, try a bold red.


6. Classic Silhouettes. The Parisian simplicity extends to the classic silhouettes commonly seen on dresses and skirts. As aforementioned, Parisian style is not very revealing or overtly sexual, but the subtly flirtatious and flattering synched waist is a favorite for easy dresses and high-waisted skirts.


7. Relaxed jeans. If you feel like going casual, do it. For an easy and comfortable look wear a nice broken-in pair of relaxed fit jeans and a basic tee. Pair this with a jean jacket and a bulky scarf for the temperate Parisian climate and some nice, comfortable flat shoes.


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