Fall is coming, and the weather is going to get cooler before we know it. Rainy days are a part of every season, and dressing for them can be quite the struggle. How does one find the perfect balance of cute, comfortable, and suitable for the rain? Ensuring one’s outfit is also suitable for after it finishes raining is also an essential of finding the perfect rainy day outfit.


1. The ankle boot

Black ankle rain boots from Loeffler Randall (loefflerrandall.com)

Large rain boots are often clunky, and can look out of place after the rain stops. The ankle boot doubles as protection against the puddles and can match almost any outfit. They remove the clunk and make your rainy day outfit chic and sleek.






2. The Long Sleeve Patterned Dress

TopShop patterned dress (polyvore.com)

Rainy days can be a bit drab, that is why a patterned dress is a perfect choice to add a little pop of color to your day. As we move into fall and the weather gets cooler, long sleeved dresses are a must. If you have a short sleeved patterned dress, simply add a cardigan to make it into a suitable fall outfit.






3. Hooded Rain Coat

Soïa and Kyo black hooded raincoat (polyvore.com)

A cinched hooded rain coat accentuates the right places, and keeps your hair dry! Black is the safest bet when it comes to deciding on a raincoat, as it is slimming and matches everything.






4. Tights

Black tights from Mod Cloth (modcloth.net)

Pants or leggings in the rain can take all day to dry, ruining anyone’s cute outfit. Tights will keep you warmer than bare legs, and they dry fast enough to keep you comfortable. They also add a touch of class to any outfit.






5. Slouchy Beanie 

Gray beanie from Neff (spadout.com)

Sometimes the hoods on raincoats are not enough to cover the frizz from the rain. A cute slouchy beanie is the perfect way to accessorize your rainy day outfit and hide that frizz!






What is your rainy day choice outfit? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter @whatsthesich