Traditionally, New York Fashion Week is one of the most high profile events in the world. For one week, the world’s biggest celebrities and best fashion designers convene for a multitude of shows, parties and events that celebrate, and reveal, new fashion lines from the world’s biggest companies.


Many times, in order to really push their brand and gain extra notoriety and anticipation to their new line, designers will enlist the help of celebrities and top models to poignantly strut down the runway while wearing their latest designs. When this happens, the press, especially New York press, is all over it, drooling over the clothes and the Stars that are either in them, or just simply watching from the front row.


Typically, the biggest stars of the past year are invited to these shows and promoted to sit front row. Some are even offered to walk in the show itself. The biggest problem example of this is someone like Teyana Taylor, who created a massive buzz at last year’s VMA’s when she was featured dancing in Kanye West’s “Fade” video. Her sculpted body and evocative dance moves became the talk of the world and because of it, designers prospected her to be featured on their runways.


In recent years, we have seen a movement take place, where sports stars are now joining the fold.


Since the NBA dress code was changed under David Stern and altered a few times, pre game walks to the arena have been a the NBA’s version of a fashion show runway. As time has shifted and society has become more and more about what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it, NBA players have taken this time to put on their best outfits pre and post game.


Due to the continuing advancement and popularity of social media, fans are all over every athletes outfits, good or bad, and have really done a lot to promote that athletes can be fashionable, too.


So you have players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and most notably Russell Westbrook who have taken this new NBA fashion world by storm and really capitalized off of it.


Now, more than ever, these stars are getting fashion deals with high line designers to sport their clothing and be ambassadors for their brand.



Whether it’s Tom Ford, Balenciaga, or Ricardo Tisci, famous brands from all over have enlisted the services of NBA standouts to push their brand.


So this past week, we witnessed these same stars in fashion’s ultimate proving ground.


LeBron James has just released his 15th signature shoe, and to commemorate the occasion, he partnered with Kith, a prominent street wear brand, and real culture pusher, to do a collaboration.


This collaboration was officially unveiled at Kith’s New York Fashion Week show where he ended the show with a grand entrance, coming from the dark into the light, and showing off the brand new collab in huge style, much to the delight of the crowd.


Although Westbrook wasn’t featured in any particular show, he was a NYFW standout, attending multiple high profile shows as a featured guest while wearing some of the most talk about outfits of the week.


Westbrook’s unique style and penchant to push the boundaries of clothes and how you can wear them made him the perfect athlete for this type of event. It is Westbrook who turns the most heads with his style and has used that shock value to bring on new fashion deals like re-upping on his Jordan sponsorship for about $200 Million where he will now have an on and off court signature shoe.


This shock value also makes him the perfect candidate to just be seen during this week as NYFW is about unveiling designs that are meant to be extremely exclusive and head turning in every way while also providing a look at what’s next in the fashion world.


For Westbrook and James to be prominently featured this week was a big look for basketball and the shift towards fashion that is taking place. These two world colliding is a sign of things to come in the immediate future with the NBA being sponsored by Nike again and formerly partnering with companies like Stance who are making waves in popular culture and fashion.


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