Online shopping is a blessing — one with the potential of turning into a complete disaster. In other words, we love online shopping for its convenience, its endless variety of products, and its ability to let us hunt for the best deals. On the flip side, we hate that we can never know exactly what we’re buying until it arrives, and we see it for ourselves, many times only to be disappointed.


Unless you’re turning to the internet to stock up on a product you already know you love, there is always a gamble when it comes to online shopping. This is especially true in the case of shopping for clothes. Of course, an item always looks great on the model on your computer screen, but how do you know whether or not it will be just as flattering on you? Luckily, that problem may be getting much smaller, thanks to one company that is striving to take some of the guesswork out of online shopping: Fitbay.


While shopping for clothes in an actual store provides you with the option of trying on items in the fitting room, this was always the piece of the puzzle which was missing from shopping online, making the whole experience a bit of a double-edged sword. Fitbay, however, was created with the aim of filling in this gap. Initially launched as an invite-only community but now open to anyone, the Danish startup is the first social network of its kind, acting as a virtual fitting room to help users shop online.


One of the questions you are asked when creating your Fitbay profile is which of these five body types best describes your own (

One of the questions you are asked when creating your Fitbay profile is to identify which of these five body types best describes your own (

The idea behind Fitbay is simple. You start off by creating an account on the site, a process which takes under a minute and in which you are asked several questions about your body, including height, weight, and body type. Fitbay then uses the information you provided to find your “body doubles” around the world. It brings up a list of those matches along with a percentage which serves to let you know how close of a body match you have with each of the users listed.


Having found your body doubles, you now have the option to “follow” them on Fitbay, just as you would on sites like Twitter. The difference is that by following your body doubles on Fitbay, instead of getting tweet updates, you get access to your doubles’ wardrobes and their top clothing picks from around the web that come in your size. This allows you to get a better idea of what may best suit your body type.


Aside from letting you shop more successfully and confidently online, Fitbay can introduce you to new brands that you didn’t even know were out there, allowing you to expand your shopping options and the variety in your closet. More importantly, it does so without the risk of being a letdown because as you get introduced to these brands through your body doubles, you can be sure that they offer clothes that are just right for you.


This is also an outlet by which you can provide inspiration to your body doubles, as well. By posting your favorite items and outfits, you will be able to influence your matches, just as you are guided by them when it comes to your personal shopping.


As the site continues to grow and as more people continue to become a part of this new online community, Fitbay may quickly change the online shopping experience for the better. It is a totally innovative tool to help you navigate your way through the many times overwhelming world of online shopping more successfully, reassuring you that the clothes you love online are also the clothes you will love in person.


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