If you are looking to follow an Instagram account that will not only keep you interested but jazz up your daily news feed as well, we have found just the thing. Our new obsession on Instagram is Coffee N Clothes, an account that features just that: coffee and clothes. Quality over quantity, indeed.


The idea is simple, but the result is addicting. The posts are sure to get you hooked, no matter what your style, mood, or favorite coffee drink.




The Instagram page also has a sister Tumblr account, both of which were created by the mastermind @ryyyguy, a creative genius named Ryan Glick. Glick also works with SWGNT, an online clothing retailer, and Lust Limited, a men’s jewelry and accessories outfitter.


Coffee N Clothes has created quite a buzz around the web. On the Grungy Gentleman, Glick shared how the hashtag started. “I began Coffee N Clothes as a simple yet fun outlet to express your day-to-day outfit choices with a bit of caffeine. Upload your image today, just make sure you have a good sense of style for your chance to be reposted.”



The Instagram account was also featured in MyDaily UK as one of the top accounts to follow in the article “Coffee N Clothes and 4 Other Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Like Coffee and Clothes.




Elite Daily calls the account “Absolutely Perfect,” reminding readers that “there’s no better way to procrastinate your bleak, hungover and tired morning than by scrolling through Instagram,” and Coffee N Clothes “has got to be one of the better Instagram accounts to pass the time.”


Highsnobiety also recently spotlighted the account. They partnered with the creator Ryan Glick for a special edition of the posts featuring pictures of leaders in the fashion industry in their fashion duds and coffee mugs.




Public Order persuades readers to upload their own photos to the site, as well. “Get your flat white lattes, your best pair of Jordan’s & start snapping.”


Fans can submit photos to be uploaded by tagging their pictures with the hashtag coffeenclothes for a repost. Photos should be anonymous without any faces; just coffee and clothes.


All this attention is not just hype, we assure you. This is one bandwagon you definitely want to jump on, so grab your camera, your coffee, and your clothes — and start snapping!


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