Long gone are the days of no show socks; nowadays we are letting our socks do all the talking and there is no better way to do so than with the affordably chic sock collection from RSocks in New York City. Their socks are at the forefront of a style revolution and they are a great way to stand out from the crowd in a fun and easy way.


RSocks is an emerging socks company that weaves both style and functionality into their designer socks. The company prides itself in giving customers the ability to let their personalities shine, whether at home or in the office.


Roodelyne Jean-Baptiste (myfreshmanyearoflife.com)

Roodelyne Jean-Baptiste (myfreshmanyearoflife.com)

RSocks was co-founded by Roodelyne Jean-Baptiste, CEO of RJBagency and long-time fashion entrepreneur.


Jean-Baptiste has over ten years experience in the fashion industry. Her accomplishments are nothing short of awe-inspiring. From fashion stylist, to professional consultant, fashion buyer, and now CEO, Jean-Baptiste has done it all.


This inspirational young woman has made her mark in the fashion world by working hard and never giving up. In her interview with MyFreshmanYearOfLife.com, Jean-Baptiste says, “I’ve learned throughout my life is that ‘obstacles’ are temporary. A great way to get over them is to learn to push through your obstacles and surround yourself with people who are willing to support you and encourage you.”


These days, Jean-Baptiste juggles two full-time jobs, as CEO of RJBagency and Co-Founder of RSocks.


"Central Park" Socks (www.RSocks.com)

“Central Park” Socks (www.RSocks.com)

With a huge selection of socks in all styles and patterns, RSocks combines sophistication with fashion and comfort to create functional pieces that give customers the ability to express themselves in any way they please, and with endless designs to choose from. Some of the best selling patters include the unisex “Brogue,” as well as the women’s “Central Park” and “Love Birds.”


Our staff favorite from the collection is the “Checkboard” in red, which we paired with sandals to keep our toes warm on our windy beach day. We also loved pairing the red “Checkboard” socks with brown dress shoes and rolled-up jeans for an effortlessly chic look to the office.




Product Review: Red “Checkboard” and Green “Camo Code Lovely.”


About The Product: The latest must-have in fashion, a striking pair of socks to incorporate into your daily wardrobe.


RSocks(MUIPR/Lydia Yekalam)

RSocks (MUIPR/Lydia Yekalam)

What We Like: The overall fit was excellent. The socks fit both our male and female models well, with just enough length from heel to toe. They also had enough elastic at the top to keep the socks from falling but never cutting too tight or causing any discomfort.


What We Did not Like: The material was a bit thin. Great for a sock-less feel, but might be too light weight for winter.


Who We Would Recommend Them To: Professional fashionistas, people working for a start-up, anyone who likes to mix things up.


When We Would Wear Them: To work with dress pants, on the weekends with sandals, to dinner with booties.


Describe These Socks In Three Words: Fun, stylish, unexpected.


(MUIPR/Lydia Yekalam)

RSocks (MUIPR/Lydia Yekalam)

For more information, or to buy your own pair of RSocks, visit RSocks.com and be sure to follow @OurSocks on Instagram.







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