Russia Outlaws Lace UnderwearRussia has been busy, that’s for sure. The phrase “even bad press is good press” probably doesn’t apply to this country. Yet another scandalous and ridiculous ban will be put into effect in July; the ban on lace underwear.

This piece of legislation is not new though; according to BBC News, the ban was passed in 2011 by the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, but will now go into effect July 1st of this year.

The new law requires that underwear meet a six percent threshold for absorption–in other words, it has to be made with at least 6% cotton. Lace generally gets up to 3% or 4%.  Their reasoning? It’s unhealthy.


Evidence suggests that thongs are known causes of vaginal infections and other negative side effects.  These results do not appear to carry over to the type of material used to make the thong, in this case lace.  So we find it very interesting that thongs are not specifically listed in the Russian ban on underwear.

How do they intend to enforce this ban on lace underwear? The answer is a little more political than looking under women’s clothing. The legislative specifically bans the distribution, sales, fabrication, and importation of underwear that does not meet their new standards.

According to the Daily Beast, women in Kazakhstan were particularly outraged, and took to the streets chanting “Freedom to Panties!” with lace underwear on their heads. Over 30 women were arrested.

This new ban will also most likely create a big strain on the economy. According to the The Daily Mail, more than $4 billion worth of underwear is sold in Russia annually, and 80% of the goods sold are foreign made.

Russia Outlaws Lace Underwear-Protesters


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