Short girls, you have all been there before: not being able to see in concerts, shelves that are too tall, pants that are too long, shirts that fit like dresses, and maxi-dresses that are just a joke. Well, the shelves and concerts might be lost causes, but there may be hope for the fashion side of things.


We talked to four of our favorite petite girls, who each face different struggles dressing for their height, to see what they had to say.





Moira: “Jeans and waistlines are my two biggest problems. The length on every single article of clothing is always off. Always.”


Her tip? “When it comes to jeans, Levi’s is a great brand. They tailor your waist size, your butt size, and how long your legs are to find the perfect fit. Women’s jeans they don’t usually have an inseam fit, but with Levi’s they measure both the waistband and the inseam in the sizing.”




Dana: “Pants are constantly an issue, jeans especially. I am always buying skinny jeans and then rolling them up. Or I have to buy capris for normal people.”

Dana and Judy with friends

Dana and Judy with friends


Tip: “Buy your jeans and pants at stores like Buckle and Lululemon that hem your pants for free. You will save a lot of money in the long run.”



Judy: “I can never find skirts that fit right, especially maxi-skirts.”


Tip: The kid’s section is usually a good place to look for dresses, but they may not account for hips and boobs. Any clothing line with a solid petite section is usually a good choice. Banana Republic is great for things like skirts, jeans, and dresses.




Tiffani and friends at Ka Lae, Hawaii.

Tiffani (center) and friends at Ka Lae, Hawaii.

Tiffani: “It is absolutely impossible to find pants to fit both my waist and inseam. Either they get cut, hemmed, or rolled, but they have to be modified somehow. And forget about super cute, trendy things like ankle cut skinnies. I generally avoid pants altogether and opt for leggings or tights when it is cold.”


Her tip: “Don’t break up your legs with knee highs or leg warmers. These make you look even shorter. I get mistaken for a middle school student almost daily. Any bit of height helps!”


The group’s biggest tip overall? Find a good tailor that you trust; you are going to need one.


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