Move over, Kate Middleton. There is a new stylish royal clasping the throne. Recently named the Queen of Spain, Princess Letizia has been making a name for herself in the style department. Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, queen and wife to King Felipe VI, who became king on Jun. 19, has relished time in the public eye before ever becoming a royal.


Just who is Letizia? Prior to her marriage to Felipe, Letizia worked as a journalist and news anchor, hailing from Asturias in the north west region of Spain. She met Prince Felipe while on assignment, covering a story about an oil spillage in Northern Spain. The pair have two daughters together and were the heirs to the Spanish throne until this past month. Now a monarchic family, Queen Letizia supports her husband at various events, representing Spain by placing her best stylish foot forward.



Queen Letizia Meets Pope WP

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After being enthroned on June 19, the couple embarked on quite a whirlwind public tour, including a visit to meet Pope Francis. Letizia looked demure in a white jacket-and-skirt ensemble, in keeping with the Vatican’s “privilege du blanc.” Since the Spanish monarchy identifies with Catholicism, the consorts of Catholic monarchs traditionally wear white in an audience with the pope. Letizia, who was married once before, is the first divorced Spanish queen ever and the first one to meet a pope. The queen has already proven devoted to her country, but she’s offered a modern outlook on its traditions, making her a breath of fresh air to royals and citizens alike.




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While upholding her daily duties, the Spanish queen also pays tribute to the fashion world. She is a modern conservative in taste, preferring smart pant suits over prim ensembles. The queen further has an eye for fashion-forward details. She makes tangerine workable in meeting dignitaries with her king and she even adopted the short hair trend, chopping her locks this summer.  If only the media could get both her and the Duchess of Cambridge in the same room. A fashion frenzy of modern royals may just ensue.



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