Ever since Lana Del Ray hit the scene with her “Born to Die” music video where she features a gorgeous and ginormous flower crown, flowers have become a trendy accessory. There is no better time to incorporate them into your hairstyle than spring.


There are a few stores that are incredibly good at adding flowers and feathers to their iconic style. Some might not be aware of this, but Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie are all owned by the same company, so it should not come as a surprise that they all share the same love and talent for adding flowers and feathers to their trends.


Here are a few ideas inspired by their catalogs to get you in on this spring trend.


"Flowers In Your Hair" (urbanoutfitters.com)

“Flowers In Your Hair” (urbanoutfitters.com)

1. Flower Pin: This hair pin is actually a so simple, you can make it at home. You will simply need three things: a bobby pin, ribbon, and a few tiny craft flowers (you can buy all these things at your local craft store!).

Lay your ribbon flat and slide the bobby pin in the center of the ribbon. Tie your ribbon around the bobby pin to secure it; you should have two ribbons cascading from your bobby pin.


Once you have done that, simply tie on or hot glue your craft flowers (or real flowers, if you want to!) to the ribbon and you have yourself a beautiful new pin! You can also tie a feather at the bottom of the ribbon. The best part is that you can make it your perfect length! It will always looks best when it matches the length of your hair.


To easily secure your new pin into your hair, simply lift up a piece of your hair and spray dry shampoo or hair spray onto the place you want to secure your bobby pin. Slip it into place and it will hold better!


“Falling Feathers Tie-Back Headwrap” (urbanoutfitters.com)

2. Feather Head Wrap: Another super easy hair accessory to make is the feather head wrap. This one is a little easier to get creative with, as there are many options to choose from. You will need a few things: whatever chord you like (something a little stretchy is always good!), feathers, and beads.


All you need to do is simply cut three pieces of chord; the longer the better, because you can always cut them smaller later. Then tape your three piece to the table, about a quarter of the way into your chord. Tie a knot to secure your work, and then start braiding until you have about a quarter of your chord left, then secure it again with a knot.


With the extra stands you have left, just add some beads, feathers, and whatever else you can think of to your chord, and you have a brand new feathered head wrap! Simply tie it in a knot around your head, or add a bead that is tight enough to secure it around your head.


If you want to get more creative, look up other ways to tie your knots. Try this “heart” friendship knot. Just be aware that they will most likely take you longer to make and will require more string, but they will be amazingly unique and gorgeous; not to mention inexpensive!


What do you think of these accessories? Which will you try? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!