The average height of a woman is 5′ 4″; this means if you are a woman 5′ 7″ or taller, your skirts and dresses end up covering little to nothing when you shop at stores like Forever 21, American Eagle, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and any other average, run-of-the-mill clothing stores you see in the mall.


For some of us who are still clinging to modesty in times that seem to require shorter tops and skirts, it can be difficult to shop adorable clothes for reasonable prices that cover more than just three inches of your behind. Of course, you can shop online at places like Ruche, ModCloth, and LuLu’s, but even there your options are limited.


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Well, there is good news, and there is bad news. This Spring season, we are seeing a new trend: midi dresses! Still assuming the average height of a woman is 5′ 4″, these dresses are supposed to reach your knees (if not a little below that). For tall girls, the midi dress will reach the “normal” length of a couple inches away from your knees! You can feel free to bend down and pick up those papers you dropped without feeling like you are flashing the whole world.



Sweetheart Floral Dress at Forever 21 (

The bad news? Since this trend is still reasonably new, there are not that many options — yet. If you check out Forever 21s midi dresses, you can see that there are quite a few options (about 40), so you can be sure to find at least one midi dress style you like.


On the left, we have the “Sweetheart Floral Dress” from Forever 21. This dress is perfect for anyone, as the flattering cut of the dress will go perfectly with any body type, from an athletic shape to even a pear shape. What is even better, is that this style is from their “For Love collection” which are are about half a size larger than their other styles.



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Another great place to check out is Nordstrom. The trend has definitely been incorporated into the spring lines of a lot of designers, so just browse around and see what you find. Nordstrom’s dresses tend to be a bit fancier than you might be looking for, but there are definitely some unique pieces worth checking out. A quick tip; if you are searching online at your favorite store, check the length from shoulder to hem: it should be longer than 36″. Happy shopping!


What do you think of this new trend? Is it too retro for you? Or are you rejoicing in the new trend of added length? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!