Black is stylish, sleek, slimming and, can be worn all year round, even in the summer. Is it true that New Yorkers’ closets stick to this one monochromatic hue though? West Coast style tends to lend itself to greys and navy, not unlike the cloudy coastline color pallet. Curious West Coasters want to know, is it true that the East Coast is a sea of all dark shades? If so, what makes black the color of choice for New Yorkers?


The verdict is mixed on black clothing. Tina Gaudoin from the Wall Street Journal states that “no matter what the fashion edict of the season, the year or even the decade, New Yorkers like black.” Liat Kornowski from Alexandra Stylist, on the other hand, argues that dressing in all black is “uninspired and too easy”. Instead, she suggests that to be a true New Yorker you should play up your dark hues by incorporating patterns or showing a little midriff.




History has shown that black often goes hand in hand with sophistication and power. The color is definitely the most common in the winter months, as New Yorkers cloak themselves in warm winter jackets. Black is not the only color in the Big Apple, though. Lucky Magazine says that downtown style incorporates lots of denim and edgy graphic sweatshirts while uptown fashionistas are often seen looking prim in pastels.


One thing is for sure, if you want to avoid standing out black is the color for you. You will blend in with the New York crowd and lessen your likelihood of looking like a tourist. Avoiding attention though might not be ideal for everyone. In her recent book “Marry Smart,” a dating manual for Ivey League girls, Princeton graduate Susan Patton named wearing too much black as one of the top eight mistakes Ivey League girls make that leads to them being single. She argues young women should dress with more sophistication, “If you are in serious husband-hunting mode, don’t leave your apartment unless you look so good that you’d be delighted to run into your ex-boyfriend.”


Whether it is winter jackets or edgy downtown t-shirts, the color black definitely plays a large role in the life of New Yorkers. Whether or not black is the best fashion choice depends on your tastes and how much you want to stand out.


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