Alright, lets cut to the chase, we wish we could fix all problems tall girls face — boys — but really not all of them are in our control — again, boys. Living in a 5’6” world is not easy for 6’ something girls, and finding clothes that actually fit can be tough. We went to our favorite tall girl, Katie Kooi, and asked her for insights on the daily struggles she goes through being 6’1”.


Although having to sit down in a car with her hair in a bun is an ever looming fear, Kooi said her biggest battles were finding shirts to cover her long torso, buying jeans long enough, and finding a pair of cute shoes in a size 12.  “Boots literally do not exist. It is impossible to find stylish boots without looking like an army brat.”


Judy and Katie (MUIPR/Lydia Yekalam)

Judy and Katie (MUIPR/Lydia Yekalam)

There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping tall girls decide whether or not to wear heels on the red carpet or to their fashion debut, but what about every day? Tall people need shoes too, and flip flops just aren’t going to cut it in the pouring rain.


Kooi suggests, which is where she usually buys her shoes because they have a wide variety of shoes in larger sizes. Another option for taller women is Long Tall Sally, which specializes in shoes for bigger sizes.




Sometimes buying a bigger size is not quite enough. In Kooi’s case, going up a size in shirts does not always help because they still cut her too short in the torso. This is why tall girl retailers are so valuable. Being tall is not just a matter of being bigger, but rather being proportionally longer height-wise.


One retailer to consider is All the Tall Things, as they are specifically dedicated to clothing and shoes for girls over six feet. Created by Laura Schofield, the blog site also encourages tall girls to share fashion finds as well as clothing advice. Schofield also has a Little Black Book with details about online stores with “long-length clothing and large-size shoes from around the world.”


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