Legendary streetwear brand Supreme has always been able to capture lots of attention extremely quickly. In the 22 years since the brand was founded, its clothing and accessories have undeniably become the most coveted items of their kind. Supreme has stores in major cities across three continents, and many are familiar with the ludicrously long lines that form in front of each store at the beginning of each new season, where fans camp out for a shot at styles that sell out particularly quickly. There are documentaries about Supreme, and it is frequently name-dropped in hip-hop music. From hoodies and tank tops to crowbars and fire extinguishers, there are very few items that haven’t been branded with the iconic red box logo.


(Supreme New York)

(Supreme New York)

Supreme knows how to use its mystique and popularity to its advantage, as evidenced by the teaser they released earlier this month for their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The teaser is textbook Supreme, one picture of a jacket from behind. Dedicated followers of the brand, though, are understandably excited about the graphic.


This is not the first time that Supreme has used this specific design, a street art interpretation of a famous photograph depicting NASA astronaut Michael L. Gernhardt on a spacewalk in 1995. In fact, they released a handful of tees and a beach towel featuring the graphic just a few seasons back for Spring/Summer 2015. Its first iteration, though, was a hoodie that dropped nearly two decades ago in a late 90s season. A piece beloved by the community, there were understandably not many original astronaut hoodies around when Supreme re-released them last year. Followers of the brand have since rediscovered an affinity for the hoodie, and it looks like Supreme is ready to give them what they want. Jackets with big, bold designs are usually the flagship pieces in any Supreme collection, priced quite loftily and all sizes selling out in a matter of minutes.


If there are any worries that Supreme is becoming lazy and is falling back on rehashing old ideas, they should be dispelled. The brand has always been an innovator, putting out provocative designs and collaborating with high-profile artists and companies nearly every season. In its short tenure as the king of streetwear, it has created countless iconic designs such as the astronaut graphic. It is only natural that the brand is reveling in its own impressive history. What better way to do that than with this jacket? The garment is a clear proclamation that Supreme is on top of the world, and from the brand’s prominence to its name, being on top is clearly Supreme’s goal.


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