A lion’s mane, an individual signature, a frazzled mess. Our hair can reflect our innermost quarrels or delights with our selves. We may use it to defy other’s expectations, or we can use it as a shield. Hair is so important to us, and it should be. Whether we are chopping it all off, dying its natural hue, or just playfully knotting it up on the tops of our heads, that personal representation of style follows us not like a shadow, but as a symbol of what we want society to know about us. It is not a matter to take lightly.


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Kelly Osbourne rocks those pastel locks.

Such trendsetters in the beauty industry recognize this potential for personal power, especially when it comes to color. Kelly Osbourne proved it can be cool to go all out and make a personal statement when it comes to that luxe, protective mane. By dying her hair all-over lavender, Osbourne created a way for others to relish their own inner punk, not apologizing for being unconventional or neglecting tradition. She’s not just an heiress to a dark throne, but a pastel one too.


Do celebrities make it okay for everyday fans to also proclaim their folic freedom when they show off wild shades? Pop stars such as Katy Perry and Ke$ha, along with reality super-girl Lauren Conrad, all favorite the pastel hair trend as well as the personal power of statement that goes along with it. Perhaps, easing into the trend can make it more acceptable for us mere mortals to handle.


Katy Perry brings softness with her pastel hue (Passioncarre.net)

Katy Perry brings softness with her pastel hue (Passioncarre.net)

Deciding to tackle all things pastel, “Daily Makeover” conversed with hair colorist Orlando Pita and the color team from Orlo to figure out how to incorporate the trend into an every day kind of world. Before shocking your boss when you step into the office Monday morning with head full of electric blue, Pita suggests “dying your hair to its lightest shade then adding the pastel color.” Lauren Conrad did this by adding subtle highlights to her blonde. Katy Perry even opted for light peach tones before going all out with her shades of cool.


Easing into your rainbow brights may help you brace yourself for all that lies ahead with that bold, pastel glow. Ombre tips or pastel highlights can be clever, if you want to see how it goes before taking the plunge. Whether or not you decide to take the rebel leap, remember to do what’s best for you and not be afraid of what others may think. That kind of confidence always suits best.


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