Finding shorts can be a daunting and an extremely difficult task. After trying on dozens of shorts, you might feel like giving up.  However, with the summer just around the corner, “giving up” might not be your best decision.


Instead of sweating it out in jeans or leggings, read on for expert tips and tricks on which shorts might fit you better than others, so there is less guessing and more shopping.


Tribal Color Block Shorts (

1. Pear Shaped: If you are looking to show off your curves (instead of hiding them) your best bet is a high waisted short that hugs your curves and has an inseam of about three to five inches. Try not to get super-tight booty shorts, as these will make smooth curves appear lumpy.


You can also try getting color blocked shorts that have a strip of black on the side and a pattern in the middle, as it really slims your hips. Try these Tribal Color Block Shorts from Love Culture.



Lace-Trim Tulip Short (

2. Tomboy Figure: Flowing shorts (that almost look like skirts) are the newest fashion trend and they are perfect for accentuating your hips. The more fabric there is, the more you can flaunt your curves.


Flowing shorts, like the lace-trim tulip short on this model from Urban Outfitters, can be paired with cute feminine tops or your favorite graphic shirt.


Another short trend to try: high waisted shorts with a smaller inseam (about two to three inches). These kinds of shorts add length to your legs, making them look many inches longer.



High-Waisted Striped Denim Shorts (Forever 21)

3. Apple Shaped: For those of you with apple shaped curves, short shorts are not the best at showing off your gorgeous and slender legs.


Vertical striped shorts are perfect to elongate and show off your thin legs, like these ones from Forever 21, Pair it with a flowing empire waisted top and you are good to go.





Belted Short in Italian Satin (

4. Hourglass Figure: The best feature of most people with an hourglass shape, is their tiny waist.


To show off your waist, definitely get high waisted shorts that either have some kind of tie, belt loop, or eye catching cinch that accentuates and bring the attention to your waist.


These shorts from J. Crew are absolutely perfect; they have a bow tie and enough of an inseam to create the perfect look that accents all the best features of your hourglass figure.


What shorts do you like to wear with your shape? Where do you get the best shorts? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!