Silver Screen Cathedral Veil by Ruche: (

Silver Screen Cathedral Veil by Ruche: (

With the new season comes new wedding fashion trends for Spring.


Not only trendy but also universally flattering is the modern vintage trend for weddings. With the evolution of this modern take to the vintage look, it is sometimes hard to identify the best brands for the ultimate vintage chic bride.


Moreover, if you are interested in finding the perfectly-aged vintage bride or bridesmaid dress, it seems unfair that you would pay top-notch prices.




We carried out in-depth research on brands that specialize in vintage inspired bridal collections and found our favorite. If you are looking for a vintage wedding gown, then look no further than Ruche and their bridal collection.  Since their launch a year ago, Ruche’s wedding collection has a bit of everything any shabby chic or stereotypical Pinterest lover is after: a DIY flavor, covered in vintage lace, and wrapped up in a little bit of modern edge. Their fabulous web site is also perfect for anyone; whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the shabby chic lover, a perfect dress for your vintage-inspired wedding, an adorable accent to your wedding cake, or a beautiful veil, Ruche is the place to go.


In addition to numerous wedding dresses, over the last year, Ruche has also provided brides-to-be with an accessories collection that has really out-shown anything else they have to offer. The delicate and intricate lace pieces that they provide in their veils, as well as their selection of jewelry and hair pieces, are exquisite and would perfectly accessorize any bride.


Although Ruche’s bridal collection is geared toward individuals in a bridal party, or who are just attending a spring wedding, the entire website is perfect for any general dress lover as well. Ruche’s modern-vintage look is reasonably priced for the quality you receive.  If you make any purchases today, you can receive 20 percent off their spring dress collection by using the code “Spring20.” Happy shopping!


Where do you go for a taste of modern vintage flare? Would you shop at Ruche? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!