Lip stain is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that every girl should know. Lip stains are perfect for those of us hoping to achieve a perfect and vibrant lip color without constantly checking the mirror to see if it is smudged. Typically, and depending on the brand, lip stains can last anywhere from two to six hours.


To get started on this beauty innovation, you will need to pick an application method that best suits you and what you are comfortable with. There are application methods ranging from a bottle where you would apply it with a brush, marker tips, and gel pumps. Next, make sure to pick a color that best suits your skin color. Women with darker tones look amazing in deep berry colors, while women with more fair tones look great with pinks and oranges.


Once you have picked your application method and your shade, it is time to get started! Exfoliate your lips with either a nice sugar scrub, a wet washcloth, or a wet toothbrush to make sure you have a nice even surface to work with. Once you have done that, apply some lip balm to moisturize your lips. Try Fresh’s Sugar Lip Balm ($22.50 at Sephora), or try the cheaper but no less effective Blistex’s Silk and Shine ($4 at your local drug store). Both are perfect because they leave your lips ready for the lip stain without all the mess that comes with a gloss.


Now that your lips are all prepped and ready, start by applying your lip stain on your top lip. Start from the center of your lips and slowly work your way out to the corners. Repeat the process on both sides, then begin the same process on your bottom lips. Make sure not to go back and forth, and be sure not to smudge it outside the line of your lips, as it will look like a blemish and will be hard to remove (it is a stain after all!).


Once you have done that, quickly start blending in the lip stain with your finger or a lip brush (it will stain your finger, so it is preferable to use a brush) and blend the same way that you applied the lip stain to make it look perfectly smooth. Keep in mind that lip stains dry fairly quickly, so you will need to work fast!


Once you have finished applying the lip stain, wait a minute or two for it to dry completely. If you would like more depth to the color, feel free to apply another layer using the same steps. It does tend to dry out your lips, so another layer of lip balm would be wise. If you would like to add a little bit of shine, put on a layer of lip gloss. Then viola! Your lips have a perfect look!


What do you think of lip stain? Do you prefer it to lip stick? Why or why not? Comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!