Throughout fashion week, designers were spotted playing with different shapes, colors, and symmetry of clothing. However, there’s one item that some of them (including you) have overlooked: the fit ‘n’ flare or “skater” dress.

The skater dress has been an incredibly chic classic style for decades. This dress has a form-fitting bodice from the waist up and a flared skirt from the waist down.

Because of the wide array of sleeves to choose from, you can show off your arms with the tank-top style fit ‘n’ flare, or hide them with some sleeves.

What do we love so much about this dress in particular? Not only can you find it in a wide array of patterns, colors, designs, lengths, and sizes, but it also looks good on all body types.


Another thing we love so much about the fit ‘n’ flare dress has to be that it’s the perfect outfit to hide a little bit of a muffin top. It’s also perfect for dinner out because if you bloat a little bit, this dress has got you covered–literally.

When styling yourself in the fit ‘n’ flare dress, it is helpful to pick the favorite part of your body and accentuate that through your clothes. It may be the small of your waist, your shapely arms, or your long legs. But whatever your favorite part is, the fit ‘n’ flare dress will show it off.

Therefore, if you:

Are shaped like a pear: With the bottom part of the dress (i.e. the skirt) starting at the waist, the fit ‘n’ flare dress is a beautiful option for someone who is pear shaped. The skirt flares out, accentuating a slim waist and upper body, and flirtatiously shows off the hips and legs.

Are a tom-boy: For those with a tom-boy figure, the flare in the skirt offers the illusion of bigger hips, and gives you a few more curves!

Have an hourglass shape: Of course, any dress that is normally an hourglass shape in and of itself is going to accentuate your curves nicely.


Where to buy?  The fit ‘n’ flare is the type of dress that you can most likely find in your favorite store. If you want something more youthful and flirty, we recommend Forever21. If you’re looking for something a little more adult, we recommend Macy’s or Nordstrom’s.  Just keep your eyes open, and if you find one, try it on. We dare you to not fall in love with it.


Whatever your fancy, there is a fit ‘n’ flare dress out there that you will love.  What has been your experience with this style?  Comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!