The task of finding the perfect dress, as any woman knows, can be daunting. While the rise of online shopping has managed to simplify the matter slightly by eliminating the need to drive from one store to the next in pursuit of what you’re looking for, it still comes with a world of its own problems. That is, the issue with trying to find just the right dress online largely comes down to the fact that you are constantly forced to try to verbally search for something that exists primarily as an image in your mind. Needless to say, finding the exact words to generate the right search results rarely proves fruitful.


Enter Donde, an app that is changing the experience of shopping online. Donde’s founder, Liat Zakay, recognized the online shopping dilemma and responded to consumer needs with an app that allows you to scour the web for the perfect dress using visual, rather than verbal, criteria. According to Zakay, “it makes sense for us to use text to search for things that are made out of words, but when it comes to products, that needs to change.”


Donde let's you select search criteria based on image selection, as opposed to textual clarification (

Donde let’s you select search criteria based on image selection, as opposed to textual clarification (

Having struggled herself with the difficult task of conveying certain aspects of her desired garment in a simple, verbal web search, Zakay created Donde with the goal of simplifying the search process and providing the potential for more successful results.


The app works by asking shoppers several easy, straightforward questions about what they’re looking for, such as questions about neckline, sleeve, length, color, and pattern. With each question, Donde displays images of different possible responses, as opposed to relying on textual answers. This fills a gap that has long posed a struggle for online shoppers on the hunt for something specific. The app allows you to answer as many or as few of the questions as you would like before going on to find your results.


From there, you have the option of browsing relevant search results and purchasing the item that best matches what you’re looking for, or you can save your favorites for purchase at a later time. One of the best perks in regards to the latter is that Donde will let you know when an item that you have favorited has gone on sale.


As Donde changes how we shop for dresses online, we can’t wait to see how the app expands to include other products, both related to clothing and otherwise!

Will you be using Donde to help make shopping online a little bit easier? What other products do you hope to see the app including in its searches in the future? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @tamarahoumi