Veganism is primarily focused on consuming an animal-free diet, but if you want to take it one step further, you can also try to eliminate all animal products from your life in general. One good place to start is makeup.


To find out more about vegan makeup, we talked to NYU student, Parisa, who has been a vegan for about two years now. Prior to becoming vegan, she was vegetarian but eventually stopped consuming dairy due to health issues. Since then, she has slowly transitioned to living a vegan lifestyle. Parisa’s focus is primarily on conserving the earth, and she says that learning about the manufactured meat industry is what compelled her to convert to full veganism.


Dark Yellow Colour Supplement (

Dark Yellow Colour Supplement (

She talked to us about her journey to living vegan and how her diet has transitioned into her fashion life. “Even though I am not eating meat, I was still negatively impacting the meat industry, so I decided to start buying vegan make up.”


Currently her brand of choice is LUSH, known for carrying many vegan cosmetic products. Parisa’s favorite product? Color Supplements from LUSH in Dark Yellow. This small tub of color can be used as concealer, foundation, or tinted moisturizer when mixed with a moisturizer. Parisa’s only critique: “It works well, but I wish the coverage was a little better.”


In addition to face color, LUSH carries a full line of vegan makeup products, including eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks, mascara, and more. While 100 percent of the products are vegetarian, only 86 percent of the products in the store are vegan; therefore, be sure to ask the Brand Ambassadors which products are vegan before you make a decision to buy. It is also clearly printed on the labels, so be sure to pay attention to the fine print.


Organic Lipstick (

Organic Lipstick (

Other tops vegan makeup brands include Crazy Rumors Lip Balm; Cheeky Cosmetics, an organic, mineral makeup company that hand makes all their products; Urban Decay Vegan, a new vegan line from Urban Decay; and E.L.F. You can also find a list of over a thousand other vegan brands online at Logical Harmony.


One thing to recognize however is that vegan products tend to run a bit pricier than their non-vegan counterparts. Parisa’s tip is “if a person doesn’t have the means to track down vegan makeup, I think its OK to look for makeup that is cruelty free. That is a lot cheaper, and it will be much easier to find in local drugstores.” You can find the list of companies that are cruelty-free from PETA.


When it comes to helping the earth, just as it is with living a healthier lifestyle, the goal is to try your best, not to be perfect. “Some people have the funds and the drive to commit themselves to veganism, but not everyone can do that, and that’s fine.”


For more information about Parisa, you can contact her via Facebook or Instagram, or leave a comment below.


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