Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, popular barbershop Frank’s Chop Shop has gained a massive following not only for providing sharp and consistent haircuts, but also for cultivating a unique and youthful, yet classic, hip-hop-inspired atmosphere. The barbers give shaves with traditional straight razors on one side of the shop while waiting patrons can purchase New Era baseball caps embroidered with Chop Shop logos at the other end. The shop’s Instagram has more than 21k followers, and Frank’s has been covered by multiple high-profile media outlets such as GQ and New York Magazine. Now that the shop has opened locations across the world in cities like Los Angeles and Tokyo, it has become a veritable haircutting empire, and while Chop Shop barbers continue to deliver premium cuts, getting one of those cuts has become a bit of a hassle.


The prices are pretty fair for what they provide — a cut with clippers and no scissors costs $30 and a scissor cut can run up to $50 — but they are certainly not cheap, especially if a customer’s hair grows quickly enough that he needs multiple cuts in a month. Additionally, due to the extreme popularity of the shop, cuts are by appointment only, so spontaneously dropping in for a quick cleanup is out of the question.


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While the specific atmosphere at Frank’s is something unattainable anywhere else, there’s good news for men who want similar results to those from Frank’s without the price tag or appointment-based system. There are many reputable barbers in Manhattan who will line up walk-ins without the Chop Shop premium.


In the back of an office building lobby at 11 Broadway, there is a small barbershop with only five chairs and a single barber attending each one. The space is quite small (any guest too late to claim one of the two folding chairs inside must stand in the lobby while waiting) and modest (the only decorations are posters depicting hairstyles and one television), but even so the 11 Broadway barbershop has garnered more than 100 reviews on Yelp, averaging more than four out of five stars. While the shop gets busy on Fridays and weekends, appointments are not required, and a haircut with scissor top costs only  $15. Customers miss out on the flash of the Chop Shop, but the cuts are quick and professional and the prices are unbeatable in the area.


Farther uptown, on the corner of Church and Murray in Tribeca, Mike & Son Hairstylists similarly delivers a good-looking and consistent cut at a reasonable price. The shop has been around since 2004, and although it isn’t particularly high-profile, it’s uncommon to walk by the shop and see it empty. Like the two aforementioned businesses, Mike & Son has quite a large group of dedicated, returning customers.


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For the severely cash-lacking in need of a cleanup, there is yet another, even cheaper option. Purchasing a hair clipper costs about half as much as a haircut at Frank’s Chop Shop does, and with a bit of confidence and practice, a self-haircut becomes an extremely cost-efficient way to keep length in check. Performing simple trims at home is a great way to save money and to forgo lines or appointments. If baseball caps and social media presence are unimportant to the customer, then any of these three options will certainly save a lot of trouble.


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