Nothing completes an outfit more than a watch. You can take the simplest of outfits, like a solid t-shirt and boyfriend jeans, add a watch, and immediately your clothes become an outfit. Even more appealing is that watches are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. From t-shirt to little black dress, the right watch will take you from day to night without any trouble.


Of course, the hardest part is which type of watch to buy. Some women prefer sportier looks while others prefer those embedded in dazzling jewels. Here, we will show you the best watches you can buy that fall right in the middle of those two categories — not too fancy, not too casual, but just right. These watches can be paired each and every day of the year, or mixed up to change your look.


Michael Kors 'Slim Runway' Bracelet Watch (

Michael Kors ‘Slim Runway’ Bracelet Watch (

Our all around favorite watch is the 42mm Michael Kors “Slim Runway” watch. This beauty is simple and chic. It is menswear inspired without being too bulky. Honestly, you can put this on whenever, and it will make you feel like a million bucks. One of the most appealing things about this particular model is that it looks “blingy” without any extra gems or details. The simplicity of the watch makes it modern, and the shape keeps it classic. Try it in gold or rose gold, depending on your skin tone and what color matches the most clothing in your closet.






Fossil Women's Cecile Silver-Tone Steel Bracelet and Dial (

Fossil Women’s Cecile Silver-Tone Steel Bracelet and Dial (

The next best watch is the Fossil “Cecil” watch in silver. This watch is a little more mature than our Michael Kors pick and has a touch more glam-factor. The Roman numeral inscribed face of the watch gives it a polished look, and the white crystal encrusted bezel helps dress up your look. The fact that it is silver makes it wearable because you never have to worry about whether or not it will match your outfit — it will.







Anne Klein Ladies' Silver-Tone & Black Watch with Leather Strap (

Anne Klein Ladies’ Silver-Tone & Black Watch with Leather Strap (

Our next watch is a smaller watch. We chose Anne Klein’s “Silver-Tone & Black” watch with a leather strap. This look is better suited for women with smaller wrists and women who want a more casual watch. The smaller size allows for a less noticeable look. These watches add a subtle detail to your outfit, in the same way a pair of stud earrings would. In fashion, less is often more, and this small watch proves just that. The leather strap also allows for more informal wear.






Regardless of your personal style, a watch is a great accessory. Not only are they the key to effortlessly completing an outfit, they are actually a practical addition to your wardrobe. You might not think you need a watch, but once you start wearing one regularly, you will notice yourself habitually checking your wrist, even when you have forgotten your watch at home.


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