When it comes to getting your hair cut, there is no cookie cutter look that will be flattering on everyone. However, there are certain styles that will look better on you, depending on your face shape. Take these looks into consideration before getting your next cut, then make sure you have a consultation with your stylist about what will look best for you.


Julianne Hough's long bob is a great option for oval faces (www.cosmopolitan.com)

Julianne Hough’s long bob is a great option for oval faces (cosmopolitan.com)

Oval face shape. People with oval faces have the most options available to them. Oval face shapes are the most versatile, and practically anything compliments them. From long layers to short pixie cuts, the world is your oyster. Focus on highlighting your best features, like your lips, eyes, and cheekbones. The only thing to watch out for: super long hair. This will just stretch your face, and make it even more ovular.





Emma Stone's hair cut is perfect for round faces (www.beauty.about.com)

Emma Stone’s hair cut is perfect for round faces (beauty.about.com)

Round face shape. Round faces look best with elongating styles. The best cuts are a chin length and longer. Julyne Derrick of About.Beauty.com recommends long layers. “The shortest layer should never be above your earlobe and ideally should fall at your chin,” she says. “Too-short layers make a hairstyle appear dated and will add volume to the sides of the face, making it appear even rounder.”





Keira Knightley' showrt wavy bob helps soften her angular face (hairhaircut.blogspot.com)

Keira Knightley’ short wavy bob helps soften her angular face (hairhaircut.blogspot.com)

Square face shape. Many women with square faces want their faces to look rounder and less angular. To achieve this, look for two things: long and straight, and short and wavy. For short looks, try a short bob that is in line with your chin. Chances are if you have a square shaped face, you are blessed with great bone structure. Use your hair cut to show off your great features.






Reese Witherspoon's bangs a great for heart shaped faces (www.allure.com)

Reese Witherspoon’s bangs a great for heart shaped faces (allure.com)

Heart face shape. Heart shapes are wider at top and narrower at the bottom. If your concern is a pointy chin, look for long bangs. Avoid cutting them too short, and keep them piecey for a soft, sexy look. A deep side part is another good choice because it opens up your face, takes the emphasis off your forehead, and highlights your cheekbones. A long bob is another favorite. Allure.com says long bobs help “soften a strong jawline on heart-shaped faces.”






Remember these are just guidelines. Don’t keep our advice from getting a cut you love; the most important thing is that your hair makes you feel confident.


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