Famously quirky and unique fashionista, Zooey Deschanel, who plays the character “Jess” on the show “New Girl,” showcased several fashionable moments this year.


Here are Deschanel’s top five fabulous fashion highlights from the recently concluded third season of “New Girl”:




Freeze-frame of Zooey Deschanel as “Jess” in “New Girl” (http://www.hulu.com)


This awesome mod long sleeve mini dress worn by Deschanel is so chic. The color-block pattern is reminiscent of mid-to-late sixties fashion.













Cast of “New Girl” season three (http://www.hulu.com)

The nautical-themed white dress worn by Deschanel (middle) is from the season three finale. The red and blue pocket accents and the middle pleat give it a pop color 60’s vibe, perfect for a patriotic summer party.   We also love the dress worn by Hannah Simone, (right), who plays Deschanel’s best friend “Cece” on the show. Look for dresses with colorful bohemian patterns and flowing material like this one to keep cool for the summer.






Scene from “New Girl” season three finale “Cruise” (http://www.hulu.com)

In this frame, taken again from the season three finale “Cruise,” Deschanel is wearing the same white dress from the previous photo with a gorgeous white and navy color-blocked summer jacket, staying true to the nautical theme of the episode. The gold buttons are a nice touch and the fabric looks light and breathable for a warmer night.






Freeze-frame of select “New Girl” cast  (http://www.hulu.com)


This adorable long-sleeved pink and blue polka dotted number on Deschanel would be a great addition to any wardrobe. The matching white nail polish is also a nice touch.










Freeze-frame of Zoey Deschanel as “Jess” in “New Girl” (http://www.hulu.com)

For a professional look at her day job as the vice president of a high school, Jess wore a classic navy dress with light gray piping and three-quarter sleeves. This classic silhouette style is flattering on any body type and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Jess has a great sense of style and we could all take a cue from her style as she has a great eye for interesting colors and classic silhouettes.







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