The ozone layer is depleting at an incredible speed. There are many companies and organizations all over the world that focus on attempting to lessen our carbon footprint, but there are steps we, as individuals, can take to save the earth as well. Here are a few small things that anyone can do to help preserve our earth for generations to come.


 (Flickr/Raxon Rex)

(Flickr/Raxon Rex)

Cut the car

If you are able to get around without a car, do it. There are many other ways to get around without needing to drive, such as biking, taking the bus, or even walking. If you really cannot get around without your car, try carpooling or invest in a hybrid.


Watch the water

There are so many simple ways we can save water. Try shortening your showers to around five minutes, and turn off the sink while you brush your teeth. You can even turn the sink on and off as you wash the dishes.


Track the trash

Stop throwing everything into the garbage! You can simply put cans, bottles, and plastics into a recycling bin instead of just tossing them. It’ll save you room in your trash bags and you will be helping the earth. You can even get a little bin to put any seeds, leftover or rotten fruits and vegetables, and anything else you can put back into the earth in. This can be used with mulch in helping greenery flourish.


Reuse the used

Rather than throwing out old clothes, toys, books, etc. when you’re done with them, donate them or pass them along as hand-me-downs. You can also go for used items instead of new items so as not to waste. Take Macklemore’s advice and check out your nearest thrift shop!


Explore the earth

Don’t waste your time indoors and online. Go outside and see the world you’re trying to save! Go on an adventure and explore. There are so many amazing things to do and see when you put down your phone.


There are so many simple steps any individual can take to go green without having to spend so much money and put in so much extra time. Just follow the motto – reduce, reuse, recycle – and you will be helping to preserve our beautiful earth for billions of people to enjoy in the future.


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