You may have heard the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” A lesser known fact about diamonds and other precious stones is that they might just be your health’s best friends, too. In fact, gems and crystals are full of special properties and positive energy that allow them to promote good health and healing, from relieving stress to helping promote sleep.


As people gravitate to natural healing, we make it our job here at MUIPR to be in the know about the most effective remedies. Read on to see some of our top crystal and gemstone picks for healing, and discover how you can use these precious jewels to achieve better health naturally.


Diamond has a purifying power, meaning that it is especially effective in cleansing and detoxifying your system. It also promotes balance in your body, especially in regards to your metabolism.


Citrine is known for carrying the energy of the sun, which translates to positive energy. This gem can be especially effective in dispelling negative feelings of sadness or lethargy.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a gemstone that comes in handy when you are having a tough time getting to sleep. Its calming, peaceful properties allow it to have a soothing effect on you that can help you get to bed more easily. It is also known for balancing the circulatory system and increasing fertility.


Amethyst is a strong natural tranquilizer, meaning that it works wonders when it comes to relieving physical and emotional anxiety and stress. Beyond that, this stone is one that helps promote focus and strong memory.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz comes in most handy when relieving a cold or allergies. The crystal has the ability to cleanse the body and stimulate the immune system, allowing your body to more successfully combat sickness.


Emerald is a stone that promotes balance in all areas of well-being, be it physical or mental. Regarding its unique impact on physical health, emerald is known to help heal conditions of the heart, spine, and muscular system. It may also have a positive impact on vision.



What are some of the gemstones and crystals with interesting healing properties that you know of? Share them with us below or tweet me @tamarahoumi