For years now, we have given quite a bit of attention to discovering new ways to utilize natural energy to power everything from the electricity in our homes to our cars; but, what about using natural energy to power our bodies? When it comes to how we can take advantage of the energy around us to better ourselves and our health, you may not be aware that there’s an energy source right outside your door that can help you recharge your way to a better health: the ground.


As our lives become more and more confined to the indoor spaces of our homes, our schools, and our offices, we find ourselves interacting less and less with nature on a regular basis. Even when we are outdoors, it is rare that we ever make direct contact with the Earth’s surface, be it because we are on a skateboard, a bicycle, or simply wearing shoes that still serve as a barrier between us and the ground. It’s something we probably don’t consider much.  However, results from various studies on the topic suggests that it might be time we get back in touch with Mother Nature.

“Earthing,” or “grounding,” is the act of reconnecting with the Earth’s natural energy — such as by walking barefoot in the grass in your yard or on the sand at the beach — in an effort to better your health and to give your body a charge of energy unlike any it can get from other sources.


Data suggests that the act of reestablishing direct contact with the Earth’s surface can have an effect on health in a variety of ways, such as a reduction in chronic stress, inflammation, pain, and poor sleep, as well as regulating the endocrine and nervous system. It may even help alleviate conditions such as cardiovascular disease through its ability to decrease blood viscosity.


Of course, while the entire concept of earthing encourages us to spend more time outside in order to absorb free electrons that may act as antioxidants in combating free radicals in our systems, there are also a number earthing and grounding products which have been developed to find ways to make this reconnection indoors. It may seem a bit counterproductive given the message behind the purpose of earthing, however it certainly expands the opportunities for people to take advantage of natural energy.


A study published in 2012 demonstrated how earthing could improve quality of sleep as well as provide relief for several conditions like sleep apnea (

A 2012 study demonstrated how earthing could improve quality of sleep as well as provide relief for several conditions like sleep apnea (

One such example was seen in 2012 when a study was conducted to observe the impact of sleeping on carbon fiber mattress pads connected to Earth’s ground versus sleeping on the same mattress pads without having them connected to the ground outside.


The results of the study demonstrated that for those individuals in the test group, there was a significant improvement in the overall quality of sleep when compared to those in the control group who were not experiencing the earthing effect.


With quite a bit of science to back up the health value of earthing, it’s definitely something to consider incorporating into your lifestyle. After all, there is unequivocal value in spending more time outside in nature, breathing fresher air, and getting our bodies moving as much as possible. Earthing simply builds a bit further on that by suggesting we do these same things barefoot every now and then, so we may allow ourselves to engage in direct contact with the ground beneath our feet. Taking this step to get closer to nature can also be just the step to help you recharge your health!


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