Who wouldn’t want a legitimate excuse to eat more chocolate? That excuse might be just around the corner, thanks to Lycotec, a UK company turning chocolate into edible skincare.


Esthechoc, which is composed of 70 percent dark chocolate and enriched with ingredients like cocoa polyphenols and a potent algae extract, is the first chocolate of its kind, promising anti-aging benefits along with boosts in circulation and detoxification of the body. According to researchers, Esthechoc’s potency can be ascribed to the extremely high antioxidant content of the chocolate, which contains approximately the same level of antioxidant power in a mere 7.5 gram serving as it would take 100 grams of regular dark chocolate to achieve.


Clinical trials proved Esthechoc to be effective in improving the appearance of skin in test subjects aged 50 - 60 years old (fabpop.com)

Clinical trials proved Esthechoc to be effective in improving the appearance of skin in test subjects aged 50 – 60 years old (fabpop.com)

In a series of clinical trials, researchers found that Esthechoc was effective in reducing inflammation and improving blood circulation in test subjects aged 50 to 60 years old when consumed once daily for three weeks. At just 39 calories per bar, with the added benefits of being vegan and diabetic-friendly, this is definitely a skincare regimen we can get on board with.


There is immense value in a company or brand’s ability to give consumers something entirely new, while satisfying essential demands that have played a major role in shaping market activity. In the case of Esthechoc, that demand is consumers’ desire to find effective, reliable skincare products for healthier, younger looking skin. However, the company has translated that demand into a product that takes achieving those goals to another level, in order to give consumers exactly what they want in a very unexpected place.


It is this kind of innovation that allows brands to differentiate themselves from competitors in an ever-growing global marketplace where uniqueness is a key to brand awareness and success. Esthechoc is that key for Lycotec, and we hope it can concurrently be the key to achieving beautiful skin for consumers. One thing is for sure: we’ll be more than happy testing it, or rather tasting it, in the process of finding out.


Do you think this kind of edible skincare will catch on, and that Esthechoc will set the stage for other products that combine our favorite treats with the skincare and beauty benefits we seek in topical products? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @tamarahoumi