Last month, the FDA approved a new vaccine to treat victims of inhalation anthrax, the very dangerous and rare illness that happens when an individual inhales anthrax spores. These can come from bioterror attack, similar to the 2001 anthrax attacks, but it can even come from less known sources, such as contaminated animal products or infected animals.


“As preparedness is a cornerstone of any bioterrorism response, we are pleased to see continued efforts to develop treatments for anthrax,” Dr. Edward Cox.


Anthrax is made from bacterium Bacillus anthracis, when you inhale the spores, they begin to replicate within the body and produce more toxins that can often lead to irreversible tissue injury and even death.


(Fox News Health)

(Fox News Health)

Prior to testing the drug on humans, they tested the new vaccine, Anthim, on some animals. One group received the drug with antibiotics and other received a placebo. This proved that the drug helped improve the survival rates after being exposed to anthrax.


Anthim was then successfully evaluated in 320 healthy human volunteers. Side effects were noticed by the participants, headaches, itching, upper respiratory tract infections, cough, hives, and even swelling at injection site.


There is a Boxed Warning for anyone who uses Anthim, as well as healthcare providers, warning that using this drug could cause a severe reaction called anaphylaxis, which comes from having an allergic reaction. Given the severity of having an anthrax illness, it is suggested that that fact alone outweighs this risk.


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