Are you concerned about your gut health? The most commonly known symptoms of poor gut health are gas, bloating, brain fog, joint pain, diarrhea, constipation, gut distress, and even heartburn. Poor gut health is caused by toxins being cleaned out of your blood and processed by your liver. From there, that bacteria goes into the gut though bile carrying the toxins throughout your entire body. If your gut health is poor, it could be because the toxins will build up over time, and your body might need to need to go through a detox cleanse in order to improve your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.


When you want to start cleansing your GI tract, you begin by taking a combination of supplements and probiotics, or you can manually flush your lower bowel with water. Water helps to remove loose fecal matter from your body, and the supplements help provide a much deeper cleanse by purifying your colon and creating an intestinal vacuum. This process removes old fecal matter and clears out your pockets inside your bowels.


After cleansing your GI tract, you may begin to notice improvements, such as maintaining regularity, reduced inflammation, improved stomach irritations, and resolution of irritable bowel syndrome. The cleanse heals the colon and makes it stronger by stimulating muscle movement.


Other than a direct effect on the gut, you may also notice improvements in your skin health. Additionally, your brain fog will subside and thoughts will become more clear. Some people have even shown to lose weight, or be able to gain more weight if they previously couldn’t. In a way, this process evens out your whole body.


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