Suffering from anxiety has an affect on both the person who has it and those who are close to that person, as well. Anxiety is a tricky disorder to deal with when you have never experienced it before, and in the moment the person who is suffering may not be able to tell you what they need you to do for them. Learning how to help is not hard, though. Just stay calm, focused, and follow these steps.


(Flickr/Mesbah Uddin Khan)

(Flickr/Mesbah Uddin Khan)

Understand the causes

One of the best ways to help someone who has anxiety is to know what triggers their anxiety to flare up and gives them panic attacks. Sit down with them, and discuss some direct causes. Not only will you be able to look out for the triggers and try to keep them away from your loved one, but you may also develop a better understanding of what your loved one is going through.


Understand the reactions

Discuss how your loved one reacts to different levels of anxiety. Keep an eye out for when they do begin to panic, and take note of how they try to cope. There may be different ways to help your loved one during different types of attacks, and knowing your loved one’s reactions can help you determine how bad the panic attack is and how best to help them.


Stay calm

When your loved one is panicking, odds are they are not thinking straight and are unable to reassure themselves. This is where you need to be the voice of reason. Even if you are afraid, try not to show them because it may only make them worse. Speak in a calm, gentle voice and continue to reassure them. Make sure they know that you are there, and you only want to help. Hearing a calm voice of reassurance can help to soothe them.


Know when to get help

You may also want to try suggesting your loved one see a professional if the anxiety is really affecting their life. Understand that you cannot do everything, even if you want to. Sometimes you will need outside help and it is important that you and your loved one understands that it is better to have more people looking out for them.


It’s hard to watch a loved one suffer in front of our eyes. The best way to help them, though, is just by being there. Make sure your loved one knows that you will help in any way possible and they will get through this.


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