The importance of proper hydration and water consumption in maintaining our bodies’ overall healthfrom controlling body temperature to maintaining a healthy metabolism — is nothing new. Yet studies continue to suggest that many adults don’t actually consume as much water as they should.


It’s understandable considering that water can get boring after a while, and it’s natural to pass it up in favor of more flavorful, enjoyable beverages. The problem is that these drinks ultimately don’t do the job our bodies need them to do.


The solution, however, is simple: if you can’t go after the flavor you crave in other drinks, bring the flavor to you — and more specifically, to your water.


Infused water — water with added fruits, vegetables, and herbs — is an amazing way to get the flavor you want and the hydration you need without the added calories and unhealthy ingredients found in other drinks. Infused water can also provide a wealth of other health benefits for your body, and with endless flavor combinations and possibilities, there’s no better way to hydrate, improve your health, and indulge all at once!


Check out some of our favorite infused water recipes below, or change things up and create your own. Either way, you’re in for a treat that’s sure to satisfy your body’s needs, as well as your taste buds!

Raspberry & Lime Water

This recipe from Refresh Restyle is a fantastic combination of sweet and sour flavors. Beyond the taste, the raspberries in this mix are super rich in vitamins and antioxidants, making them an ultimate super fruit which can do just about anything, from maintaining a healthy blood pressure to fighting aging and preventing cancer.

Cherry & Basil Water

This interesting combination from Spabettie has a unique but delicious flavor from the basil, and the herb and cherries in this mix pack some serious health benefits along with their flavor. Cherries are known to help your body in a number of ways, including battling belly fat, helping you sleep, and even combating soreness after a workout, making this mixture especially helpful if you’re naturally active. Meanwhile, basil’s benefits include reducing stress and clearing blemishes, making this an overall feel-good, look-good drink.

Blueberry & Orange Water

Similar to raspberry and lime water in terms of combining the sweetness of berries rich in antioxidants with the sour flavor of a citrus fruit, this recipe from The Peach Kitchen comes with a little something extra, too. The mandarin oranges are a great source of Vitamin C, making this combination beneficial in strengthening your immune system against infections and preventing cellular damage.

Lemon, Mint, & Cucumber Water

This recipe from Nic’s Nutrition is made up of ingredients that come together to make an extremely tasty and effective detoxifying mixture. The citric acid from the lemons helps cleanse the body, the cucumber provides anti-inflammatory properties, and all three ingredients aid in digestion. The mint also gives this drink a nice sweetness to balance out the sour flavor of the lemon.


Are you a fan of infused water? What are some other crave-worthy combinations you can think of? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @tamarahoumi