IMAX is breaking ground with IMAXSHIFT, an interactive visual and audio experience combined with indoor cycling. Mintel released a report that said 59 percent of people who join gyms, join because they feel like the classes that are offered are designed to fit their niche. IMAX’s concept isn’t any different; this is a unique niche.


“We can create these bigger experiences for people in the movie theater, why not take that and apply it to a space where consumers are really amped up,” said IMAXShift CEO Bryan Marcovici.

“When you think about fitness, the biggest seat changes have been when they put the little screens on the bike … I think for IMAX, we were able to come in and just leap frog over that technological advancement … It can really create something new and unique that you never had before.”


IMAXSHIFT studios will be able to accommodate up to 50 riders at a time and will be offering unique workout experiences like cycling through the galaxy on their wall-to-wall screen, crystal-clear audio — they really bring the experience right to you!


Jesse Alexander, an IMAXSHIFT Instructor said:

“As an instructor, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to motivate my riders and help them get the most out of their fitness journey … What excites me the most about IMAXShift is the originality of the experience; by capturing the energy and buzz of an IMAX® theatre in an indoor cycling setting, the workout is truly immersive and no two will ever be the same.”


IMAX has been eyeing a studio in Brooklyn and recently applied for permits. However, there are still some people that are on the fence about this ground breaking concept. “I don’t want to put too much on it. It’s just a test. But I think you’ve got to think big and start small. I think we’ll be onto something,” Gelfond said.


It looks like IMAX might need to put that popcorn aside and start offering healthier snack options to refuel!


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