Everybody can benefit from a good detox, and the number of methods that people can use to cleanse the body make finding a technique that works for you relatively simple. One of the latest detox methods, however, is a bit stranger than some of its predecessors. Successful as it may be, this detox is one that might have you thinking twice before trying yourself.


The charcoal detox is exactly what it sounds like — a method of cleansing the body which relies on activated charcoal to rid the system of toxins that can cause damage. As a negatively charged carbon treated with oxygen, activated charcoal has the ability to cling to toxins in the form of anything, from pesticides to neurotoxins, that may be lining your digestive tract.


You can either drink charcoal to get it in your system or you can take activated charcoal pills/capsules (truenorthinspire.com)

You can either drink charcoal to get it in your system or you can take activated charcoal pills/capsules (truenorthinspire.com)

In attracting these toxins, activated charcoal takes a strong hold of them thanks to its many tiny pores, which act somewhat like a sponge. From there, the charcoal can carry these toxins out of your system, and voila — detox success!


The method sounds great and has proven successful in various cases. However, there are those health experts who have expressed concern for various reasons, including the fact that charcoal isn’t quite capable of distinguishing between nutrients and toxins. Sure, it may have the ability to cling to toxins and drive them right out of your body, but it may just as easily cling to nutrients that your body needs and drive those out as well.


Regardless of whether or not this is a detox you’re willing to try, the recent rise in charcoal detox popularity serves as the latest example of the widespread modern gravitation towards natural remedies as an alternative to formal medicine.


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