High cholesterol is a common issue for many people, and while not all cholesterol is bad, an inability to keep LDL cholesterol under control can pose a pretty serious risk to overall health. This is because LDL cholesterol, when left unchecked, may lead to heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack.


Being able to understand how to reduce cholesterol is essential to avoiding such risks, and a wealth of information at our fingertips makes it simpler than ever to seek out and find solutions to our health concerns. When it comes to lowering your cholesterol, one such solution comes in the form of something you probably already have in your kitchen: lemons.


For best LDL cholesterol-reducing results, use lemon juice that is fresh and full of pulp (zerowoes.com)

For best LDL cholesterol-reducing results, use lemon juice that is fresh and full of pulp (zerowoes.com)

As a citrus fruit, lemons are a great source of vitamin C. Research has also shown that lemon consumption can be effective in reducing your risk of anemia, heart disease, cataracts, and even cancer. With such a long line of health benefits, it should come as no surprise that lemons are right up there with some of the top all-natural solutions to lowering LDL cholesterol.


Lemon’s ability to reduce LDL cholesterol has been ascribed to several potential factors, including the antioxidant effects of vitamin C and flavonoids in lemon juice. Soluble dietary fiber, such as pectin, is also an important component that makes lemons helpful in reducing cholesterol.


Incorporating more lemon juice into your diet is simple. You can squeeze a bit onto salads, fish, chicken, rice, or any other dish. You can also infuse your water with lemon juice to give it a bit more flavor. However you decide to increase your lemon juice consumption, you’ll achieve the best cholesterol-lowering results by consuming fresh lemon juice, as well as having as much of the pulp as possible.

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